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True Love Stories

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  • Brianne & Ryan


    How They Met
    We both worked together and had noticed each other out one night at a
    bar..It was a “Hey don’t you work at ______?” kind of greeting and the
    rest is history.
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  • Bobby & Katie

    Bobby and Katie

    How He Proposed

    He proposed in Peru!

  • Bryce & Beth

    Bryce and Beth 2

    How We Met

    Beth and Bryce met playing in a soccer league in Golden through a mutual friend. Unbeknownst to one another, they liked each other. One snowy night in early May, fate brought Bryce to Beth’s house. Bryce was out with a group of friends, which included their mutual friend and Beth’s roommate, and they decided to ride out the snowstorm in front of the fireplace. This was the first opportunity that the two finally had a chance to talk. They instantly clicked, and the first date was set for early the next week.

  • Tim & Sarah

    Tim and Sarah
    How We Met

    There are not many people that can say they knew their husband or wife from birth. However, Tim and I can. His mom actually has a picture of me in a baby carrier and Tim standing next to me. My dad has video of us as little kids with our siblings all playing together. We are 4 1/2 years apart so we were never in school at the same time. We reconnected 3 years ago at Purdue, where I was attending school and Tim was coming back to visit his brother. We were at a party with friends from our home town and got to talking. It felt like we didn’t stop talking the whole weekend. I even stalled as long as I could the Sunday he left, because I didn’t want him to leave. Because I had a year left at school and he lived in Nashville at the time. We decided to just stay friends and keep in touch if we  could. A few days later I received a call from the local flower shop saying they had a delivery for me.
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  • Michael & Jody


    How We Met
    Jody and I met at a conference in Palo Alto, CA four years ago. She lived in Seattle and had a desire to return to Denver where she had
    lived for several years and owned a house. We worked for the same company and I assured her that we could use someone with her talents
    in Denver and that I would be happy to put in a good word with her boss. We exchanged contact information and the deed was done with her
    supervisor. Several months last, she was back in Denver working on a team with me. We remained friends and co-workers for a couple years
    until we realized that was something there. A spark and from that spark grew a beautiful love that we cultivated and cherished. Continue reading

  • Todd & Ana


    How We Met
    Once upon a time, on a cold November night in Salamanca, Spain, we met during a Wake Forest game watch in a friend’s apartment. Todd was a junior and Ana was a senior, but we hadn’t met previously on campus. We didn’t converse too much that evening, but we kept locking eyes
    from across the room, sharing mutual intrigue. After Wake Forest beat Maryland, en route to an ACC championship, Todd was determined to meet
    up with Ana soon.
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  • Erik & Melissa

    Erik & Melissa

    Erik & Melissa

    How we Met
    Erik and I met in October 2013 at the RMA 20-30 Fall Gala which raises money for at-risk youth in Denver. Erik looked familiar to me (and he was really cute) so I asked him how I knew him. It turns out we both went to the University of Denver, worked in the same building, had some mutual friends, and I had sold him some raffle tickets at a charity event just a few months before! We were destined to meet.
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  • Devin & Lauren

    Devin & Lauren

    Devin & Lauren

    How we Met
    It all began when I graduated from Texas A&M University and took a job with an Oil and Gas Company in Denver, CO. It was our first day of new hire orientation on January 9th, 2012. To me it was freezing and I was already wondering what is a Texan doing here? I was one of the two girls in the new hire orientation with a bunch of men who thought they were hilarious. Little did I know, one would end up becoming my best friend, fiancé, and future husband.

    Kevin asked me to lunch occasionally and after each lunch we grew to know each other a little bit better. Knowing few people and still trying to figure out what coat would keep me warm, we slowly started our relationship. Lunch after lunch we grew closer and I realized that Devin was a great guy and a true Colorado native. Almost knowing each other for a year, Devin took me to my first Broncos game. We had an absolute blast and ended the evening talking about life for three hours. It was then I knew that Devin was becoming my best friend and that we would make a great team together her in Colorado.
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  • Scott & Sasha

    Scott & Sasha

    Scott & Sasha

    How we Met

    It all started November 4th, 2013 on match.com
    Nice profile!
    Looks like we have a lot in common.
    – Sasha

    Sasha says: “Scott was the first guy on match.com I ever sent a message to. The rest, as they say, is history. We had our first date on a Saturday – lunch at El Camino in the Highlands neighborhood of Denver.
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