Alli & Ian

How They Met
In September of 2013, in the wee hours of a Saturday morning, in a crowded dimly lit bar in downtown Denver, Ian and I met – quite literally – on the dance floor. We were brought together by our respective roommates who didn’t even get the chance to formally introduce us because we were already dancing and laughing together. We had found each other and nothing was going to stop us.

The Proposal
Fast forward to May 7, 2017. It was a normal lazy Sunday morning in our Denver apartment. Ian had asked a few days before if I wanted to go to Wash Park this day for a picnic, and of course I agreed. It was not unlike us to walk or bike to the nearby park, and also not uncommon for us to bring food along! The morning consisted of Ian kindly encouraging me to get fully ready, dress and all, to go on this picnic, which I didn’t think too much of – but then once I started actually taking the time to shower and get ready – he started rushing me! (In my head – are you serious right now?!) I just thought maybe he was having a bad day, or really did want to have more time at the park, so I hastily finished and we left. Wash Park is not a small park by any means, so once we got to the closest green area, I suggested we sit down. Well, this happened about 10 times, every time Ian’s response being “let’s go just a bit farther!” and by the time we actually sat down on the (complete) other side of the park (literally as far as we could’ve gone) I was really thinking he was in some sort of stubborn mood. As soon as we sat down, he grabbed the bottle of wine we brought, poured our glasses, and chugged half of his immediately. (I’m thinking, really, not even a cheers?! Also, calm down its noon.) Ian’s friend who lives near the park supposedly texted Ian and said he was walking around the park with his friend, a photographer, who was taking landscape photos. He said they were going to stop by and say hello. They came over soon after, and we chatted for about two minutes before Ian suggested we have the photographer friend take a photo of us on his nice camera near the lake we just HAD to sit by – I was all for it! As we were posing for the photo, I was of course being a ham and doing goofy poses while Ian said he had “something in his shoe” and bent down to get it. Out of the corner of my eye, mid dorky pose, I saw a black box and turned to find Ian on one knee saying “Alli, will you marry me?” The tears flowed, the ring sparkled brilliantly, and some form of a “YES!” came out of my mouth. I could see the weight lifted off Ian’s shoulders as he put the ring on my finger. We had never felt closer than in that moment, knowing it was forever.