Bryce & Beth

Bryce and Beth 2

How We Met

Beth and Bryce met playing in a soccer league in Golden through a mutual friend. Unbeknownst to one another, they liked each other. One snowy night in early May, fate brought Bryce to Beth’s house. Bryce was out with a group of friends, which included their mutual friend and Beth’s roommate, and they decided to ride out the snowstorm in front of the fireplace. This was the first opportunity that the two finally had a chance to talk. They instantly clicked, and the first date was set for early the next week.

Their courtship was full of adventures and surprises. A weekend retreat to Vail, an extended vacation in Seattle, and lots of exploring Denver. Bryce and Beth love to surprise one another with thoughtful experiences. On Bryce’s birthday, Beth took him to Ft Collins for a tandem bike ride and a to visit Odell’s, his favorite brewery. During the summer, Bryce surprised Beth by having her sister fly out to visit. Bryce convinced Beth to ride to the airport to pick up a friend of his, and to her surprise, Bryce’s friend they were picking up was her sister.

How He Proposed

The greatest surprise of all was the proposal. The plan had been in development for over 4 months. In October, Bryce started organizing a weekend ski trip to Crested Butte with a group of their friends. In early January, Bryce was in Chicago for work, and had the opportunity to ask for Beth’s parents blessing before he proposed. They said yes, and the stage was set. They headed to Crested Butte with a group of friends, and everyone knew what was coming. The anticipation was building from the drive out until the next morning. The bus that took them from the house to the resort was all too perfect. It was a bus painted with scenes of a fairytale and written across the front of the bus was “Happily Ever After”.

They got a few laps in for the morning, and it was time for a beer break. Half of the group went to go get drinks, but Bryce convinced Beth and two of their friends to go take some pictures. When it was time for Bryce and Beth to take pictures in front of a snow covered tree, with mountains in the background, Bryce suggested a picture with them jumping. Bryce’s friend counted them down…3, 2, 1. Beth jumped, and Bryce got down on one knee. When Beth landed, she turned and saw him. She got down on her knees with him so she could be closer to him. They embraced, Beth had tears of joy, Bryce’s hands were shaking, then Bryce asked Beth to spend the rest of her life with him, and she said, Yes!