Liz & Nick

Once upon a time, there was a young lady named Liz, who met a young man named Nick. The two started getting to know each other and eventually started dating when Nick told Liz that he thought her claddagh ring didn’t accurately represent their relationship anymore so he asked her if he could turn her ring to signify that they were dating. She happily agreed.

After that, the two began officially dating each other and continued to grow in friendship and love. As time progressed and their bond grew, they began talking seriously about the future. They both desired to spend the rest of their days with one another and build a life together. Then one day Liz suggested to Nick that they go up to Georgetown for Father’s Day to go fishing where his father was laid to rest and where his family used to go fishing every year to celebrate the day. Nick thought this was a good plan and soon developed a plan of his own. Meanwhile, Liz had no idea what Nick was planning and even had a trip out of town to attend a wedding planned for the same weekend. Nick gently convinced her that she should come back to town early enough to still go fishing on Sunday so Liz made plans to come back somewhat late on Saturday evening before Father’s Day. Then bright and early the next morning after church, Liz and Nick headed up to Georgetown. They packed up all their gear, got fishing licenses, stopped to pick up some bait and snacks so for all Liz knew, they were actually going fishing. When they arrived to Georgetown, Nick took Liz to the spot where his family used to come fishing and then they started fishing. Then about an hour later, several of their friends arrived and joined them in fishing. They hung out and fished for almost another hour when one of their friends asked if they wanted to take a picture by the lake. Liz started getting ready to take a picture when Nick turned to Liz and told her that once again, he thought her claddagh ring didn’t accurately represent their relationship. Then he got down on one knee and pulled out a box with a sparkly diamond ring and asked Liz if she would do him the honor of being his wife. Surprised and filled with joy, Liz happily said yes once again and so begins the joining of their lives together.