Michael & Jody


How We Met
Jody and I met at a conference in Palo Alto, CA four years ago. She lived in Seattle and had a desire to return to Denver where she had
lived for several years and owned a house. We worked for the same company and I assured her that we could use someone with her talents
in Denver and that I would be happy to put in a good word with her boss. We exchanged contact information and the deed was done with her
supervisor. Several months last, she was back in Denver working on a team with me. We remained friends and co-workers for a couple years
until we realized that was something there. A spark and from that spark grew a beautiful love that we cultivated and cherished.

Our Proposal Story
Picking the perfect place in New Zealand to propose sounds elementary, but Michael didn’t find it so easy. He ultimately chose Lake Tekapo,
an international dark sky reserve to view the stars on a blanket with a bottle of wine. While digging out his chapstick, he fumbled upon a
velvety satchel that had burned a hole in his pocket for the past couple of weeks. She said yes :)!!


Our Experience at Williams Jewelers
Stephanie Opie at Williams was wonderful. She worked under a tight deadline and the pressure of ensuring that the ring was done before we
hopped on a plane to New Zealand. Not only did she obtain CAD drawings and have the designer make changes, but she delivered the ring a week
before originally promised! She was a gem herself and put Michael at ease throughout the process.