Ryan & Katie

Scott and Kayla

How They Met
The story begins during our sophomore year at University of Colorado. We became neighbors when we both moved into a duplex on 19th street in Boulder, Colorado. Our friendship was sealed on the first day we met. Katie was unaware that Ryan wanted more than a friendship, but a close friend pushed her in the right direction. Our first kiss was at a cabin in Breckenridge, Colorado. We remain close to the friends and roommates that shared those amazing times with us in Boulder.

The Proposal
We planned an adventurous vacation to Iceland. Ryan carried the ring across the country, looking for the perfect moment to propose. On the third day of the trip, and nearing the end of our day, we visited the famous Iceberg Lagoon. The sun was setting behind a mountain with a glacier feeding into the lagoon. Icebergs were floating away into the ocean. It was one of the most beautiful scenes on the whole trip, and Ryan knew this was the magical moment. As we walked along the coast of the lagoon, we stopped at a secluded area to admire the beauty of the icebergs. Ryan dropped on one knee and popped the question! Of course, Katie said yes! (We were both so nervous and excited, that the details of the wording we exchanged seam to elude us today.