Scott & Sasha

Scott & Sasha

Scott & Sasha

How we Met

It all started November 4th, 2013 on
Nice profile!
Looks like we have a lot in common.
– Sasha

Sasha says: “Scott was the first guy on I ever sent a message to. The rest, as they say, is history. We had our first date on a Saturday – lunch at El Camino in the Highlands neighborhood of Denver.

When I met Scott, I couldn’t believe a guy as funny, handsome, and sweet as him was single and available. We both had only been in Denver for short time, and we had a blast on our first few dates introducing each other to different parts of town. I love Scott’s witty sense of humor, honesty, and enthusiasm for life. Our life together is joyful and uncomplicated. It wasn’t long before it became clear that he was the exact person I had been searching for to share my life with. We said our vows amongst our family and friends June 27, 2015 in beautiful Breckenridge!

he said

RE: Nice profile!
Hi Sasha! How are you?

Scott says: “On November 4th 2013, my life changed in a way I never would have dreamt possible. A beautiful and super intelligent woman sent me a message. I never thought a couple of sentences could start a chain reaction that would lead to so much happiness. This is evidence of a real blessing and I know that I am just that, a blessed man. You can count on one or two hands the truly special people that come in your life. Sasha is at the very top of that list for me, and I knew it very quickly as our journey together began. Everything lined up for us – our ambition, our goals, our family perspective, and our personalities.

The great thing about it was we went on quite a few dates and did it the right way. We even were able to have our families meet one night around Thanksgiving time. That night, Sasha would shock me. On one of our earlier dates she gathered somehow that I loved Pecan Pie and one of my favorite restaurants was Pappadeaux. When we went down to the car she gave me a box from Pappadeaux. When my parents and I got home, I opened it and it was a Pecan Pie from my favorite restaurant. I thought, wow, this has to be too good to be true. Nothing has changed since then. She is still the most beautiful, giving, intelligent person today. Our marriage day was the best day of my life and I am so very blessed to share my life with this beautiful woman.