Todd & Ana


How We Met
Once upon a time, on a cold November night in Salamanca, Spain, we met during a Wake Forest game watch in a friend’s apartment. Todd was a junior and Ana was a senior, but we hadn’t met previously on campus. We didn’t converse too much that evening, but we kept locking eyes
from across the room, sharing mutual intrigue. After Wake Forest beat Maryland, en route to an ACC championship, Todd was determined to meet
up with Ana soon.

A few days later, Ana asked Todd to meet her so she could upload some photos from her digital camera onto his computer. Lame excuse to get
hang out, but Todd was more than willing to take the bait. We met at a local bar, Erasmus, and a few days later decided to meet up for a
night on the town in Salamanca. We had a great time exploring some of our favorite parts of town. At the end of the evening, really it was
close to sunrise, we made plans to see a movie. Ana thought Todd wouldn’t follow through with his word about calling to make concrete
plans, but to her surprise he called and we made plans to see The Departed. As the Spanish dubbed movie became very difficult to
understand, Todd’s hands got sweaty as he feared he wouldn’t be able to explain a single thing to Ana. After the movie was out, Todd was
relieved to learn that Ana, too, struggled to follow the plotline. Chemistry was born.

After spending most of the weekend together, we continued to have a great time for the next couple of weeks prior to returning home. The
last night of the semester, Ana helped celebrate Todd’s 21st birthday, which included Todd dancing on top of a tall speaker with his shirt
off. Although we were sad to leave Spain and one another, Todd told Ana to “never change,” and left it at that.


Our Proposal Story
The first time we visited New York together back in 2007, we took a visit to the Top of the Rock in Rockefeller Center. It was a rainy
day, so the views weren’t the best, but it was nonetheless a great memory. Seven years later, in May, Ana’s parents visited New Jersey
and New York to be able to spend time with them. Todd, his parents, and Todd’s sister Kim (Ana’s Maid of Honor) took a trip with Ana and
her parents into NYC for a day. Todd couldn’t muster much more than grunts all morning.

The first stop for the gang in NYC was a walk through Times Square to Rockefeller Center, and the Top of the Rock. It was a brisk, sunny
morning with clear skies. After a tourist trap group picture on a fake steel girder, we all rode to the top of the skyscraper. After a walk
up to the upper observation deck, Todd was unable to devote enough attention to even take a decent picture. Eventually, we posed for a
picture facing south. After whispering some sweet nothings in Ana’s ear (for detailed lines, ask Todd), Todd got down on one knee. Ana
said yes, and elation ensued. Todd finally regained his speech, and after a quick walk and a stop for a cold bucket of Heinekens, the gang
boarded a Circle Line Cruise for some sightseeing by water

Our Experience at Williams Jewelers
We bought all of our wedding jewelry at Williams Jewelers and worked with Kay throughout the process. My now husband, Todd, and I have been
together for a while so when we decided to take the next step we thought it’d be great to look for engagement rings together. We went
to so many different jewelers in the Denver area. I fell in love with a Hearts on Fire ring. After seeing that ring nothing else compared.
Todd proposed a few months later and I was completely surprised by it all, particularly by the fact that I got the Hearts on Fire ring I
initially fell in love with. I know that he shopped around, but ended up choosing to make the big purchase at Williams Jewelers due to the
experience and the price they offered him. I got the matching band and we also purchased his wedding band there. Kay took care of us
throughout the entire process! We are thankful we’ve found a jeweler who we can trust for years to come! Thank you so much!